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Why Us? Why Now?

“One of the things that racism has done, and the ideology of white supremacy has done to us, all of us, is this idea that we don’t need each other; that we can live this compartmentalized, tiny lives, ‘us’ and ‘ours’ in our home inside our walls, and that if we can keep these people here safe somehow, it doesn’t matter what happens around of us. Yet, how do we do that if everything around us is so broken? You can’t. You can’t keep that at bay. What drives me and keeps me doing my work as a person who does consulting, and organizing, and training, and education around issues of race and issues of equity and inclusion, is this desire to live in a world where we have a restored relationship to ourselves; that we have a repaired relationship to each other; that we have a sense of the world that we live in as one in which we are deeply interconnected. It’s work that requires a deep, deep commitment to a restoration of this world.”

Jessica Vazquez Torres from Trouble the Water – Episode 1 “Why Us? Why Now?”

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