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    COM: The Ministry of Caring

    Join us in being part of COVID and post COVID times conversations on how we are doing ministry in our area. Sharing ideas that have worked and that needed work, helps all of us deal with issues we all encounter. This "hive mind" kind of process will provide the support ministries need to thrive in their communities. Listen and share.

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  • Small Congregation Ministry: Yoking, Fellowships and Pastoral care

    We are a denomination with more than 60% of churches under 100 members. So the question posed to all of us constantly is "How can we help the vitality and ministry of these congregations?". Three presbytery leaders share with all of us how they have worked with some of their small struggling congregations. 

  • Ministries of Faith Formation: Caring for congregations and Equipping Leaders

    Let's talk with ECC members about how Christian Education Certification helps not only Sunday School, Discipleship, and Bible Study, but also on how Teaching Elders could benefit from certification. Presbyteries have the constitutional task to take care of Certified Christian Educators, sometimes COM's are called to this task. Our conversation touches these points and guides us through the process and opportunities of certification within our presbyteries.

    If you have any more questions about Christian Educator Certification or would like to talk with the ECC members, please contact Martha Miller, Manager for Ministry Education and Support, at martha.miller@pcusa . All certification information is on the website at